Monday, December 15, 2014

Google Drive

I do a lot of writing. Anything from doing homework, checking shopping lists, working on a pet book project, writing stuff for my blog, or even taking notes on random ideas. If I'm not reading a book, drawing, or playing a game, chances are I'm tapping away at a keyboard.

Which is one of the reasons I jumped for joy when Google Drive finally came out on mobile devices.

You get what you pay for, so long as you don't upgrade. Then you get the same thing, just more of it.
Simple, Useful, and Usually Broken

Now, don't get me wrong. Google Drive is not the best word processing utility out there. In fact, I don't think there's a single word processing utility that people say that they absolutely love. I've tried my share of them, and hated one after the other, almost without exception. They all suck so bad that there is no best, just those that suck the least.

Google Drive sucks the least, and it does it while providing convenience that no other word processors have. Having Google Drive on mobile devices means that I can sit down at home and edit a file, then edit the same file on my phone later on if I've got a few free minutes or even bust out my tablet and type away on its keyboard. It was great, and I got a lot of functionality out of it, despite its problems.

At first, it was kind of wonky and unreliable, but things improved. And then they updated it, and it sucked again. And then they updated and fixed it. And then they updated it and completely broke it again. And now I can't open any files at all or this happens.

especially me
Google Hates Phones, Tablets, and Me

In other words, I just have one request for Google:

Stop breaking your own product I want to love it but you won't let me.

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